Friday, 25 February 2011

A perspective on roles of Indian Women

Women: The Depth inside….
WOMEN-This five letter word in itself is a great mystery. It has a splendid past behind it, a magnificent present to be associated with and an unimaginable future to be followed.

We simply cannot distinguish her as a daughter, a wife, a mother or an earning member of a family, nowadays. Each and every role played by a woman in her life captures equal importance. And it really would be injustice if I will say only a particular portrait of hers carries more weight than other.

On this occasion of International Women’s Day, I would take this opportunity to congratulate all those lovely ladies who are fulfilling all of their responsibilities gracefully.

If anybody asks for my perspective on women, I will surely emphasize and focus on MY current role, which broadly covers all the above mentioned phases. I am a daughter, a wife, mother and a true companion, all at a same time. They say doing a right thing at a right time and at a right place in management. I say ONLY a woman can manage all that, that too at a same time. This is the BEAUTY of being a woman. A woman exudes endless warmth & sacrifice to her offspring, she displays the art of affection to her siblings, she illustrates sincere care & compliance to her parents, she renders limitless love & strength to her life partner and she brings plenty of joy to her friends.

Who could tell this better than Lionardo-da-vinci, who could find only a woman to portray the world’s most magnificent piece of art or the linguists who envisaged referring the nation as feminine in a sense to love, in a sense to belong and in a sense to venerate. Even Indian mythology regards Goddess as the supreme power and the savior of other gods & deities. Ironically yet a woman needs to proclaim perpetually to salvage her own existence in today’s developed world.

Today I would like to reiterate that SHE is essence of all the best feelings created by the God to help realize the true sense of life. She fills the world with beauty and love, the quintessential elements for heart and soul.
I congratulate all ladies and above all I salute myself to my beloved womanhood.